About Back to Basics Health and Exercise

Back to Basics Health and Exercise Sydney was established in early 2013 expanding the services currently offered at Back to Basics Chiropractic in the Parramatta region. Back to Basics Health and Exercise offers a range of services including: Exercise Physiology, Strength Clinic for chronic disease management, Personal Training for individuals and small groups, Yoga, Pilates, and a range of specialty Group Fitness classes.

Our facility has been designed to cater for individuals ranging from beginners to advanced levels of fitness. The facility contains the latest exercise equipment to ensure our patients are exercising in a safe environment under constant superision. Our organisation is not a membership-based facility and patients are simply billed for the services they require.Class Schedules

We believe by focusing on educating patients on how to appropriately
manage their condition, implementing strategies to overcome barriers in everyday life and providing a support network for individuals will help assist patient s in developing positive habits to ensure the ongoing longevity of leading a healthier lifestyle.

Our team of exercise specialists are all qualified in their area of expertise and have current registration with either Fitness Australia or Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA). When managing patients we often hold case conferences to develop an appropriate individualised tailored treatment plan.This practice ensures that the patient is receiving the most effective treatment whilst exercising at Back to Basics Health and Exercise.

For more information on how we assist you in achieving your health goal please visit Back to Basics Health and Exercise Parramatta or call us on 02 9687 7385.

Parramatta Exercise Physiologist

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