Massage Therapy Parramatta

Karolina Wajciechowska specialises in massage therapy at our Parramatta Clinic. Karolina also specialises in Aromatherapy.

Massage Therapy Parramatta - Karolina WajciechowskaShe has a wide collection of essential oils, which she chooses individually for each aromatherapy massage treatment.

These oils are to reinforce muscular healing, relaxation and general well-being.  She also offers personalised aromatherapy products to enhance relaxation and restful sleep; this is to treat muscular and joint pain and mild skin conditions.

Along with her remedial massage practice, Karolina has developed a special interest in myofascial release for structural balance. She combines different techniques, such as deep tissue, stretching, and myofascial release. This will, over time, improve her clients’ posture and restore optimal musculoskeletal balance.

Massage Therapy Parramatta Bookings

To find our more about Karolina and her massage styles and techniques, please call our friendly reception staff on (02) 9687 6003, or book online.

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