Back Care

At Back to Basics Chiropractic we care about your health, not just while you are in the clinic, but while you are living your life each day. Our Chiropractors can’t stress enough the importance of correct care for your spine. We have recognised an overwhelming need to direct our patients attention to environmental factors that may be enhancing or even directly causing their spinal troubles. These factors can be as simple as sleeping on the wrong pillow, not sitting on a chair that promotes correct posture or even using a mattress that is not supportive enough to allow correct spinal alignment. Often these things are overlooked as people aren’t aware of their importance, but in truth small changes can make significant gains to an individuals spinal health and overall well being.  In order to assist you in looking after your spine we have sourced the best products on the market, all of which are tried and tested by our Chiropractors. From pillows to back supports, our range comprises

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