Hot Stone Therapy

Looking for a massage with health benefits as well as a relaxing treatment for yourself or someone special?

Hot Stone TherapyHot stone therapy is becoming more and more popular and is also known as hot rocks, volcanic or basalt stones massage. The stones are heated in hot water to a temperature that will soothe those tired sore muscles and stimulate circulation.

The hot stone massage starts with a relaxing facial massage, working down into the neck, shoulders all the way down to the tips of the feet using highly graded aromatic quality oils.

At Back to Basics Chiropractic our massage therapists place the hot stones along specific areas of the body delivering concentrated centres of heat, while providing a combination of Swedish and remedial massage to other areas of the body. The heated stones are also used to massage particular areas as required and to encapsulate the luxurious full hot stone therapy experience, projecting better health and wellness.

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