Sleeprrr Memory Foam Pillow (Sleeper)

The Complete Sleeprrr memory foam pillow, often referred to as the “Sleeper Pillow“, is sold and recommended by many Australian Chiropractors and other health care professionals. The Complete Sleeprrr Pillow comes with an adjustable insert so the height may be adjusted to suit your particular body shape and is Australian made and owned.

Why choose a contoured pillow?

As with most pillows, the cervical spine or neck region is left unsupported during the night and when you wake you may be feeling stiff and achy or even wake up with headaches. When choosing a pillow it is important to choose a pillow that supports the neck. While you are asleep it is important to maintain your cervical spine in a neutral position. This means trying to keep your neck and head in a straight position.

Why choose the Complete Sleeprrr memory foam pillow?

The Complete Sleeprrr is a memory foam pillow that has been used within chiropractic clinics Australia wide and is the pillow our patients choose when looking for a better night’s sleep. Both our Back to Basics Chiropractic clinics in Kogarah and Parramatta use The Complete Sleeprrr as their chosen pillow to support their patients during their treatments.

The Complete Sleeprrr comes with a higher and lower side to suite your individual needs. It has a removable insert so you can make the Compete Sleeprrr specifically tailored to your needs and can be adjusted up to 12 positions.

Pillow Support

Sleeping on a contoured memory foam pillow provides the support your neck needs and comes in three different styles:

1. Complete Sleeprrr Memory Original – Soft/Medium  (Most popular)
2. Complete Sleeprrr Memory Plus – Slightly firmer
3. Complete Sleeprrr Deluxe Traditional – Medium ‘feel’

What is memory foam?

Memory Foam is temperature sensitive and responds to your body’s own temperature. It moulds and shapes to your neck and head for the ideal comfort and support.

Memory foam has an adapted molecular design which gives it unique temperature-sensitive qualities. It softens slightly when it is in contact with body temperature and is also known for its soft and pliable feel, and pressure-diffusion properties.

Complete Sleeprrr Memory Original (Most Popular)

Complete Sleeprrr Original Memory Foam Pillow


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The Complete Sleeprrr memory foam pillow is a soft to medium density pillow by design and ideal for those people who sleep on their side or back.

This pillow is extremely supportive for people with a smaller to medium/average frame.

Complete Sleeprrr Memory Plus

Complete Sleeprrr Plus Memory Foam Pillow

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The Complete Sleeprrr Memory Plus version is approximately 20% firmer than the original and is designed for people who like the firmer feel of their pillow.

It is ideally suited for larger framed people who need a firm pillow and want the support that the memory foam pillow offers.


Complete Sleeprrr Deluxe Traditional

Complete Sleeprrr Plus Memory Foam Pillow

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The Complete Sleeprrr Deluxe Traditional is of a similar density to the memory foam plus. This pillow is suited for larger framed people and comes with the adjustability of the plus and the original. This pillow is an alternative to the more expensive memory foam pillows whilst maintaining the same quality. The Complete Sleeprrr has been featured on channel 7’s Today Tonight

twice. Here is one of the clips:

Family Pillow – Junior 4 – 8 year olds

Childrens Family Contoured Junior Egg Foam Pillow

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Family Pillow – Junior

When looking for that perfect pillow it is always difficult to find one. But what about your kids! The Family Pillow Junior is perfectly suited for 4 – 8 year olds. This is a latex contoured pillow that will support their growing spines while they sleep, giving your kids a more rested and comfortable night.

The family pillow is a latex pillow that won’t sag or loose its shape. This pillow has a ‘higher’ side and a ‘lower’ side so you can choose the height that is suited for you. The family pillow is made out of 2 different types of foam. The inside is premium grade high density foam and the outside is soft luxurious egg foam. This pillow is also non-allergenic and has been specifically treated to inhibit the presence of any allergens.

This pillow is what this clinic recommends to our patients when they are looking for a lower pillow or something to give there kids for a better night sleep.

Unsure what pillow is right for you? Why not call our clinic today to discuss your requirements to assist in making the right choice.


8.5 out of 10 Ratings
10 Pillow Reviews

Sleeprrr Pillow

Back To Basics Chiropractic


Really comfortable – by Rosa Matos, February 10 2012
8.5/ 10 stars
I ordered this pillow online and, although it took a little longer than I expected for it to arrive, it was well worth the wait. Really comfortable.

Relieves headaches and neck pain – by Klaus Kazamias, February 02, 2012
8/ 10 stars
I have had this pillow for about 6 months now and it’s been really helpful in relieving my regular headaches. I’ve had neck pain and headaches for a long time and after changing to this pillow I’ve had a significant improvement in both of these problems.

Assists with Chiropractic treatments – by Kerrie Clarke, January 27, 2012
9/ 10 stars
I was recommended by my chiropractor to purchase one of these pillows as she thought that it would complement my regular treatments. After using it for only a couple of months so far, I have found that it really did assist to maintain the work my chiropractor does.

So good I bought another – by Lee Murphy, January 14, 2012
8.5/ 10 stars
This pillow is so good I had to purchase a second one as my wife took mine.

Very comfortable – helps with my stiff neck – by Christina Reardon, October 12, 2011
8.5/ 10 stars
After sleeping on two pillows for as long as I can remember, I was recommended this pillow by a friend. It took me about a week to get used to the new feeling and I had a few nights of tossing and turning but since then it’s been so worth it. It is such a comfortable pillow and has really helped with the stiff neck feeling I used to get in the mornings.

Quality of sleep has improved dramatically – by Sheree Cuschieri, October 02, 2011
7.5/ 10 stars
I purchased this pillow to help with my quality of sleep. It took a little longer to adjust to this pillow than was originally suggested but after 2 weeks my quality of sleep has improved dramatically.

Supportive Pillow for my kids – by Gail Hopkins, September 30, 2011
8/ 10 stars
I feel very comfortable knowing my kids now have a supportive pillow that will take care of their necks while they sleep and grow.

Travel pillow improved the quality of my holiday – by Pablo Vargas, June 25, 2011
7.5/ 10 stars
I was sick of always getting headaches and a sore neck when I travel but the travel pillow was easy to carry around and did wonders for my neck and the quality of my holiday.

No more neck pain – by Rob Arnell, June 16, 2011
10/ 10 stars
I told Steve that I was starting to feel a little neck pain in the morning and he suggested I try a Sleeprrr Pillow. I’ve always been a “2 pillow” person, but I now use JUST the Sleeprrr – and the positive effects were noticeable after about only two nights of use. It’s adjustable in multiple ways, and it is FAR better than those memory foam pillows you buy in department stores etc.

Have not looked back – by Loraine Rubie, March 23, 2011
9.5/ 10 stars
I am always been looking around for a pillow and nearly gave up, but when I was recommended the Complete Sleeprrr I have not looked back. This pillow has really helped with the bad night’s sleep and the neck pain. Highly Recommended.

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