Iridiology is the study of health via examination of parts of the eye. The colours, patterns and other characteristics of the eye can be an expression of existing conditions and predisposition to certain health concerns. There are no two irises alike. Naturopaths examine the unique aspects of each eye, including the iris, sclera and pupil, to uncover the systemic functioning of the body. Irridology Practitioners then match their observations to iridology charts, or iris charts, which divide the iris into zones corresponding to specific parts of the human body.
The iris charts allow naturopaths to distinguish between well-functioning systems and those that need attention.Iridology can provide suggestions about an individual’s susceptibility to developing an illness, the effect of past conditions, and predictions of future health problems and how they may be managed. This includes gaining family histories of certain illnesses, and assessing the likelihood of these affecting you. With this information, a practitioner can devise plans for how to prevent illnesses or maintain optimum health.Our iridologist, Therese Lew, offers a non-intrusive method for identifying illness. A photograph of the eye is taken, and then the iris and surrounding areas are examined. Iridology works on the basis that changes in the eye reflect changes in corresponding areas of the body, as the nerve fibres of the eye act as a physical manifestation of tissues changes. For example, kidney dysfunction is represented in the lower portion of the iris.Iridology is non invasive, painless and economical, and can be used in conjunction with other therapies, such as homeopathy and herbal medicine.
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