Bed Bases

When it comes to bed bases, choosing the right one can be hard when there are so many options. What makes it even more difficult, is deciding what’s right for for your specific needs. We have listed the most common types of bed bases and given an explanation on what the benefits are of each.

Bed BasesBed base types

There are four main bed base types that you will find when searching for the best bed for you. Each of these types can also come in different forms and styles themselves. The most common of the four is the wooden slat bed bases.

Wooden slat beds

There are two main types of wooden slat bases: Sprung and standard.

The sprung slat system uses a series of curved wooden slats that are designed to adjust to your sleeping profile. These are flexible wooden slats allowing for movement and adjustment while maintaining a firm support. The tension of the slats can be adjusted to cater for different levels of firmness required.

In a double or larger type bed base these are made with two separate sets of slats for either side. This allows for one side to adjust without affecting the whole bed, and can be of benefit to avoid partner disturbances in a shared bed as the two systems absorb and adjust to one individuals load and not transferring the movement throughout the bed.

Standard slat beds use flat wooden slats that either span the bed or meet in the middle. These bases provide good firm support and are a simple and cheaper option. Slat beds overall are good for the mattress providing good support and allow for good ventilation to the mattress keeping them cleaner and more hygienic.

Ensemble bed

The ensemble is the second most common bedding base. Ensemble beds come in different types for different needs. There are sprung and platform ensembles.

Sprung ensembles have a boxed base with spring inners. The springs role is to adjust to the weight of the individual posture and evenly distribute it across the mattress. These are designed for comfort with a soft feel but maintaining support. There are coil spring and pocket spring systems. Pocket springs work individually and not as a group with the entire base. This helps to prevent partner disturbances as there is no ripple effect as each spring acts individually. Coil spring acts as a unit and are all connected therefore movement in one area will transfer throughout the bed.

Platform ensembles have no springs involved and have a box base for a mattress to sit on. This base provides a solid raised base for the bed that provides firmness for the mattress and can have storage under. This does not allow for any flexibility for changes in posture and support other than what the mattress can give.

There is a downfall with the ensemble beds with lack of ventilation for the mattress. This is less hygienic and reduces the life of your mattress.

Platform bed

This bed base is becoming more popular for its aesthetic appeal and its simplicity which brings down the cost. This is a low flat solid wooden base with no springs or slats. This is designed for a firmer feel. This is an ok option but does not provide any ventilation and does not accommodate for any changes other than what the mattress can provide.

Futon bed

Futon bases are either hard wooden bases or firm wire bases. The practicality of the futon as a space saving option does not outweigh the downfalls of the futon. The bases are harder and will not adjust to any changes in posture or pressure. There is no option for choosing your own supporting mattress with this system and can only use the top appropriate for each futon. These are essentially large pillows filled with fluffed cotton that do not adapt to your posture and your body is forced to adapt to the cushion instead. This provides no benefit for your spine and does not allow your musculature to fully relax while sleeping creating tension and related problems.

Bed base summary

It is important to weigh up not only the aesthetics and practicality of bed bases, but also the therapeutic benefits. The benefits to your spine will be long lasting and it is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

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