What is a TENS machine?

Many people ask “What is a TENS machine?” TENS, or rather, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a therapeutic device that uses surface electrodes to deliver a pulsed electrical current through the skin to stimulate a nerve. The nerves stimulated can be sensory nerves (sensation) or motor nerves (movement).

What is a TENS machine? Stimulating these nerves can help to produce pain relief by controlling the messages being sent to the brain. The TENS machine can overrule pain sensations being sent to the brain by stimulating normal movement and sensation directly to the nerves blocking those signals of pain from reaching the brain. This can eliminate the sensation of pain.

TENS machines use electrode pads stuck to the skin and a portable TENS machine controlling the amplitude and size of the nerve stimulation depending on your needs. The TENS machine creates the sensation of pins and needles, buzzing or tingling in the area of the electrode placement. This sensation can amplify depending on the frequency and intensity of the stimulation and involve mild involuntary muscular contractions. This muscular contraction sends signals to the brain regarding proper contraction of the muscles rather than a spasm that is usually present with a muscle pain syndrome.

TENS machines are primary used in chronic pain management.

The TENS unit we sell is a fully portable battery powered machine with dual channels that allows for the placement of 4 electrodes over the area of pain. This allows for an even distribution over the surface of the skin. TENS units are fully adjustable for amplitude, intensity and pulse width allowing an individualised treatment schedule. They also have an inbuilt timer to control treatment duration.

The electrodes in a TENS machine are self adhesive gel and stainless steel fabric pads. They are multi use pads that are easy to apply and do not leave any residue and require no cleaning. To extend the life of your electrode be sure to replace the electrode on the plastic cover slip and avoid any contact with fabrics, carpets and dusty surfaces. Depending on the frequency of use they will need to be replaced when they have lost their self adhesive properties and can be purchased as a set separate to the unit.

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