Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a comforting and nurturing process which can relax both mother and baby whilst aiding in their adaptation to the ongoing physiological changes. Pregnancy Massage is the perfect way to promote well-being, alleviate discomfort and pain, increase body awareness and encourage bonding between mother and baby.pregnancy-massage-sydney

What will a Pregnancy Massage feel like?

Pregnancy massage in all stages of pregnancy is a relaxing, light, full body massage.  Depending on the needs of a mother, it will incorporate Swedish massage, long strokes and lymphatic drainage to decrease fluid retention and facilitate lymph flow, deeper localized strokes to ease muscle tension, relaxing foot, hand and head massage. Depending on the belly size and mum’s comfort, it may be performed in side-lying position, face down using special pregnancy pillows with a hole for the belly, or seated if no other position feels comfortable.

What to expect during Pregnancy Massage treatment?

The massage therapist is going to enquire about your overall health and wellbeing and possible expectations and outcomes of the treatment to address all your needs. It can be either full body relaxation massage or specific, focused on certain body parts that are causing trouble and discomfort. It will feel relaxing, soothing, as well as acting to alleviate pains and feelings of heaviness.

What is Pregnancy Massage good for?

  • Assists relaxation for both mum and baby and encourages better sleep
  • May help relieve feelings of depression, anxiety and nervousness caused by hormonal changes and therefore may ease the “emotional roller coaster”
  • Physically can assist in maintaining good posture by keeping the musculature in the best possible condition during each trimester.
  • Maintains muscle flexibility and alleviates soft tissue tension and muscle cramping
  • Assists in relieving stress from weight bearing joints, such as ankles, hips, lower back and pelvis.
  • Can relieve headaches, stiff neck, backache, sciatica, sinus, oedema and sore feet
  • Relieves tension in the sacral and pelvic areas and may assist in easier delivery
  • May improve shortness of breath caused by the foetus crowding the lungs by relaxing the muscles around the rib cage
  • Assists circulation and therefore delivery of nutrients and oxygen to mother and baby. Resulting in a feeling of increased energy
  • Combats muscle fatigue and puffiness by aiding elimination of waste products through lymphatic system

Additionally, pregnancy massage can be extended to the post partum phase (after delivery), benefits of which include:

  • Speedier healing and postpartum recovery
  • May assist in pelvis re-alignment after birth by improving appropriate muscle length and flexibility
  • Easier breastfeeding and milk production by reducing stress and anxiety
  • Relief from soreness and stiffness after childbirth
  • Speedier recovery after caesarean birth, once the wound has healed massage can be applied to assist with minimizing fibrous scar tissue

Pregnancy Massage is a completely safe form of treatment and is extremely beneficial to expectant mothers throughout all stages of their pregnancy. The massage therapists at Back to Basics Chiropractic have had many years of experience in massaging pregnant women.

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