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Back Form Lower Back Support
Do you suffer from a tired, achy lower back after sitting in an office chair all day? Do you find that you start to slouch while sitting at your desk?

Back Support CushionThen you need to get a back support that is both comfortable and supportive for those long days at work.

The Back Form Lower Back Support suits most office chairs and can be used in a car. It comes with a supportive strap that raps around the back rest of a chair and provides a comfortable lumbar support that you can use all day.

Back Support ProductsThe inside is made up of a %100 open cell ‘breathing’ urethane foam and the cover comes in 2 options.

Option 1: Dura-Fab Back Support

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Dura-fab is a super-soft easy-clean washable fabric that comes in a darkish grey that suits any decor. Dura-fab is a washable polyester that repels most soiling. For those who do not require a moisture resistant fabric. Able to either hand wash, hang dry, or dry clean.

Option 2: Steri-Plus Back Support

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Steri-plus is a polyurethane bonded to a polyester backing. It is moisture resistant and is easily cleaned by wiping down with a mild detergent and warm water. It is an extremely durable and comes in an attractive mid green colour

Back Support by FloBacFloBac Back Support

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FloBac Back Support is a full back support that is made of a mesh that is breathable. It is suitable for either the home, office or car and is a full size back rest.

FloBac Back SupportThe FloBac Back Support comes with adjustable vertical and horizontal straps that allow you to adjust the tension and the support of the back rest providing optimum lumbar support and comfort.

This product promotes proper spinal alignment and is durable and comfortable to be used those long days a work. The FloBac Back Support comes with a massaging wooden seat for added comfort. It comes in a metallic grey to suite any décor.

Give your back the support it needs and deserves with the FloBac Back Support.

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