Remedial Massage in Kogarah and Parramatta

Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we offer Remedial Massage in Kogarah and Parramatta locations.Remedial Massage in Korgarah, Bexley and Parramatta

This massage technique is a great way to release muscle tension, especially for those that suffer from acute and chronic pain. However, it differs from relaxation massage, as it is an active strategy to further treat your muscles,  muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body. This assists rehabilitation, area that you are experiencing pain and for injury management.

This technique helps to identify the cause of pains and issues allowing your therapist to understand underlying cause of pain. This helps them to know, which particular areas need to be worked on; such as problematic muscles and joints.

Remedial Massage in Kogarah and Parramatta locations:

All of our clinics have Remedial Massage Therapists available to help you!

They can demonstrate to you how Remedial techniques have the ability to relieve body pains and can benefit your mobility.

Our therapists are very understanding about your areas of concern and will consult with you to assess factors that may contribute to problem areas. They will treat the areas that they see cause trouble for you. To find this out they perform a series of tests to see where your muscle tension and pain stems from. This helps to tailor a massage experience that best suits your needs.

This treatment may also involve deep tissue work and uses specific applied pressure. However this can be altered to your preference. Please talk to one of our massage therapists to discuss what you are most comfortable with.

What to do from here?

If you would like to ask about how a remedial massage may benefit you, or you would like to make a booking, please book online, or call the clinic closest to you (Kogarah & Parramatta) and speak to one of our friendly staff who will assist you.

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