Can A Chiropractor Help With Growing Children’s Pains?

Can A Chiropractor Help With Children’s Growing Pains?

The short answer is yes!

Growing pains typically occur in children between the ages of 2-12 years, and may be caused by muscle overuse, joint misalignment, or postural issues. Such pain usually manifests in the calf, thigh, and behind the knee, and usually worsens during the night. As a parent, seeing your child in pain can be alarming – however, it’s important to remember that no actual damage is happening to your child’s bones or muscles, and growing pains can be easily alleviated through many at-home and chiropractic remedies!

There’s Treatment! See a Chiropractor for Children’s Growing Pains

There are many at-home remedies to alleviate your child’s growing pains. These include:

  • Massage – massaging the painful area can help relieve tight knots and relax the muscles. Back to Basics Chiropractic offers massage services that could help!
  • Heat Treatment Warm baths and heat can help soothe sore muscles
  • Rest – Rest allows for joints and muscles to heal from activity and exercise completed throughout the day! This is especially critical for young children who are moving around a lot!
  • Medicine – Medicines such as Panadol and Nurofen can help alleviate growing pains. Please ensure you follow the instructions and administer the appropriate dosage.
  • Stretching – Daily stretching of the calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes can significantly aid in the recovery of muscles. Your chiropractor can develop a comprehensive stretch plan to assist with alleviating muscle pain
A chiropractor can also be of valuable assistance!

Chiropractors will assess misalignments throughout joints in the hips, knee, ankle, foot and spine which may be contributing to your child’s pains. They can provide safe, non-invasive adjustments to promote bodily and postural alignment, alleviate discomfort, and effectively manage growing pains. The overall benefits of chiropractic care for children are:

  • Improved joint mobility
  • Relief from joint inflammation and muscle pain
  • Improved flexibility and ability to get on with their day!

If your child is displaying signs of growing pains and you’d like a chiropractic consultation, please click here or contact us on (02) 9588 7000.

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