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The future health of children is affected a lot by their well-being in the first few years of life. It is during this time that the spine and related joints, bones and muscles develop.

Children Chiropractic An active lifestyle is vital in this development, as it assists in the formation and strengthening of the musculo-skeletal system. To make sure that your child is getting the best from their physical activity, it is important to have regular chiropractic check-ups.

Child Chiropractic is not only useful for treating muscle and joint injuries, it is an essential part of day-to-day health. Poor spinal health affects the functioning of the central nervous system, which has implications for many areas of the body. It has been shown that regular chiropractic care can assist in the treatment of colic and ear infections. Chiropractic has also been shown to alleviate the symptoms and address the underlying causes of these and many more infant conditions.

Spinal problems can develop over time into conditions such as joint immobility, back and neck pain, headaches and scoliosis. Developmentally spinal problems can also lead to coordination problems such as delayed motor skills, congenital disorders such as hip dysplasia and Perthes Syndrome. Chiropractic can help restore a normal quality of life to these children with light adjustments and specific exercises.

Did you know that the nervous system also plays a part in such disorders as growing pains and sleep disorders? Regular chiropractic care allows proper development and functioning of all areas of the body.

It is recommended that children attend up to six spinal examinations a year, at which time the development of the spine, joints and muscles will be investigated. Spinal check-ups performed when your baby begins to sit, crawl and walk can ensure that these movements are being performed correctly and identify any possible impediments to proper spinal maturity.

Spinal examinations in children are simple, safe and non-intrusive. As few as six check-ups a year can help secure your child’s long-term spinal health and engagement in a fun, active life.

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Birth related trauma is very common, even in a natural birth there is great amount of force produced through the newborn’s spine, and therefore the nervous system. This birth trauma can lead to undetected nerve dysfunction known as ‘Subluxations’. This nerve dysfunction can result in a variety of different symptoms. One of these is Colic. Chiropractic aims to improve this nervous system dysfunction and in doing so quite often can reduce the symptoms of colic.

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Coordination Problems
Tumbles, trips and clumsy skills are all part of growing up as we develop our fine motor capacities. For some children, however, this clumsiness extends well past the usual time period into late childhood. Co-ordination problems affect around 6% of children. Many people refer to this as simple clumsiness, yet this title does not express the severity of the disorder.

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Ear Infections
Otitis Media or more commonly know as ear infections are a common and painful problem for young children. Almost half of young children will develop an ear infection in their first year of life and two thirds before three years of age. Ear infections can arise following respiratory infections and also from external sources, such as water being caught in the ear.

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Congenital Hip Dysplasia
Congenital Hip Dysplasia (CHD) refers to the abnormal or delayed development of the hip joint, in which the socket and thigh bone can become dislocated. This condition occurs in 1.5 per 1,000 births and is 8 times more common in girls[1]. Normally, a child’s thigh bone (femur) sits perfectly centred in the hip socket (acetabulum). Occasionally, however, during gestation or shortly thereafter, the two parts become unaligned, allowing excess movement in the joint. Usually this involves the femur moving upward out of the socket.

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Growing Pains
Adults are not the only ones who experience aches and pains in their joints. As many as 10-20% of children complain of vague recurrent leg pain especially at night, this pain is usually located deep in the leg usually in the thigh, knee or calf. These symptoms are commonly dismissed as ‘growing pains’. This may not be the case and some easily treatable problems may go ignored.

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Perthes Syndrome
Leg-Calve-Perthes Syndrome is a disorder of the hip joint in children. The causes of Perthes syndrome are unknown but it is believed that it initially begins when the blood flow to the top of the thigh bone (femur) is interrupted. This reduced blood supply causes the ball shaped bone structure to collapse and flatten.

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Sleep Disorders
Getting good quality sleep is vital to the development of young bodies and minds. Good sleep helps to develop memory and alertness and strengthens the immune system. Research has shown that children who do not get enough sleep show poor concentration and attention, memory difficulties and even behavioral problems in school. Children who sleep better are less prone to sleep walking, nightmares, behavioral problems and moodiness.

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Chiropractic and Allergies
Childhood allergies can be debilitating for thousands and thousands of young children, with Australia having one of the highest allergy prevalence rates in the world. But what actually causes allergies? Why do some children develop severe allergies, while others show no problems?

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