Ice Bucket Challenge done by Mayor of Kogarah

The ALS (MND) ice bucket challenge is all over the internet at the moment with everyone from school children to celebrities taking part and nominating others to get involved. Our very own Chiropractor Dr Stephen Agius stood up to the challenge today and bravely had 4 buckets of ice poured over his head.

Ice bucket challenge - Kogarah Mayor
Stephen Agius

Motor Neurone Disease is a cause close to his heart as it has had a devastating impact on his family when it took the life of his father in 1999. Stephen has dedicated much of his time into raising awareness and funds for MND. As Mayor of Kogarah City he hosted the Annual Mayor’s Ball in July with all proceeds going directly to the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Australia. This event was a great success and was able to raise over $21 000.

Even with all of this publicity, many people still aren’t completely aware of what MND is. Motor Neurone Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis as it is also known, is the term for a group of diseases which involve the progressive degeneration of motor nerve cells. What this means is, that as the disease manifests sufferers lose the ability to perform basic functions such as picking up a glass, putting on their shoes or even combing their hair. What starts as a persons inability to perform simple tasks, progresses to the point of them being completely dependent on a carer. Tragically this disease will perpetuate to the point that sufferers lose the ability to swallow and breathe.

It’s not hard to imagine how difficult it would be to suffer from such a destructive disease, what makes it worse is that to date there is no known no cure and absolutely no effective treatment. For a society that has progressed so far in modern medicine, this just isn’t good enough. The only way to change this prognosis is by increasing awareness and raising funds for research.

We applaud Stephen and his commitment to making a change for the future of MND. To get involved too and donate simply click here.

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