How to Exercise Safely

The better you are at being able perform an exercise safely, the better your results will be, and it will also reduce your risk of an injury. People often wonder about the best technique to exercise, there is no best technique as a specific technique for one person may not be exactly the same for another.

However, there are basic safety techniques that apply to us all. So what can you do to ensure the best results from your exercise? Here are some necessary recommendations.

Marie’s Top How to Exercise Safely Recommendations:

Exercise safely with our top tips!
Exercise safely with our top tips!

1.Warm Up is critical to raise your body temperature to minimise injury by allowing oxygenated blood to flow to the working muscles. 5-15 minutes of walking followed by some stretches is an easy to do option.

2.Speed is not the answer when starting out in exercise. Take your time and learn the movements properly. Using safe and controlled speed when exercising will give your body the chance to feel the movement and respond correctly.

3. Breathe through each exercise, this will continue to provide oxygen to your body, keep it warm and reduce the risk of injury.

4. Rest or Stop if you feel unwell or too tired. Too often people think they have to push past pain or discomfort. Whilst this may have some truth in a specific environment, it is not the case when starting out exercising. If you feel you cannot continue, stop. You can always resume when feeling better.

5. Pain is a message that your body is suffering and you need to pay attention to it. Try not to ignore pain, even subtle pain can lead to a bigger issue requiring more attention and even forcing you to stop your exercise plan.

6. Nurture your body and it will appreciate your efforts and continue to stay healthier and energetic. Sometimes you have to stop and “smell the roses” and enjoy life by doing something that you enjoy, such as going for a walk, sharing social time with loved ones, reading a book, or even going to the movies. This may not be exercise related but it is still nurturing your inner self and creating balance in your life.

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