Kid’s Spinal Health-Don’t Weigh Your Child Down

With school back in full swing, don’t let your kid’s spinal health suffer. School bags have a tendency to place excess weight on young, developing spines.

Incorrectly fitted bags with an excess weight are potentially creating issues for your child’s spinal health. This effects a child’s development as their body frame has not transformed enough to carry heavy objects.

kid's spinal health

As Chiropractors we see the potential harm this has on young bodies since we understand how this has the ability to generate problems for your children now and also later in their lives.

Did you know? A child’s schoolbag is only meant to be 10% of their body weight.

School Bag Tips To Ensure Your Kid’s Spinal Health:

  • Place heavy items towards the back of the bag and closer to your child’s body.
  • Make sure the bag is not sitting too low (near their bottoms), adjust the straps to make sure the placement of weight is equally balanced.

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