Poorly Fitted Shoes- Why You Should Have Better Footwear

Did you know that the poorly fitted shoes you wear can have a serious impact on your overall health? People often are naive or forget that shoes have a huge impact on your body’s alignment. Wearing the wrong pair can create issues in your pelvis, knees and spine. It can lead to long-term and short-term pains.Poorly Fitted Shoes Don't Wear The Wrong Pair

Common shoes types that have detrimental effects on the spine are shoes with minimal support, high heels, thongs and sandals. Even some sport shoes are designed more for fashion than ensuring the health of your feet. So it is crucial to be mindful of support levels that a shoe would provide to your feet and entire body.

Short-term effects of poorly fitted shoes?

  • Can create trouble with your nails
  • Affect the skin on feet

Long-term effects of badly fitted shoes?

  • Collapsed arches
  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain

What can you do to prevent this?

We have got a range of tactics that we can provide you with to help prevent pain created by wearing incorrect shoes. When selecting your next pair of shoes we recommend making sure they are comfortable, supportive, and protective and help the body stay balanced. Make sure you fasten them correctly and think of your posture is correct when walking.

Ensure that your strides are long and balanced and that your footwear is capable of absorbing the shock provided by the grounds impact.

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