3 fantastic ways to find a more balanced you in 2016!

It’s that time of the year where we find ourselves rushing around to get everything done, buying presents, getting celebrations organised and setting in place some resolutions for the new year. Sometimes I think to myself: “Is the planet earth spinning faster than before?” Can anyone actually complete everything they need to do in 24 hours. Besides catching up on all the necessary tasks we’ve been procrastinating on, we can use this season for something more productive as well such as planning business growth, setting new career goals, making lifestyle changes etc.

Here are 3 fantastic ways you can begin to get really motivated and take 2016 by charge:

1) Consciously remember/ recognise your desired goals.
Grab a piece of paper and write all goals that come to your mind. Eg. Getting a new house, finding a new job, commencing studies, spending more time with your family, relaxfinding a partner, investing money, or bettering your health.
Goals really are the fire for life and they spark the motivation in us to achieve bigger and better things. We may need to listen to our inner voice, for some people goal-setting is easy, yet for others it may recquire a lot of introspection and understanding of self worth to determine a clear and motivating set of goals.

2) Let your body feel nurtured while having fun.
Find a physical activity that you enjoy. One that is suited to your body and your lifestyle. You will get much more from your exercise if you choose something you enjoy, rather than punishing yourself with something that is said to achieve greater results. All physical activity is good and with so many different ways to get your body moving and keep active, there really is something suited to everyone. The more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to stick to it. Over time you can develop a mindset which makes exercise a priority and then eventually it will become a habit. Try to become aware of your excuse making such as “I don’t have time”, “I don’t like going to the gym” and consciously try to over ride these by creating new thoughts that are supportive of an active lifestyle.

3) Revaluation and new plans
Grab that same piece of paper from tip one. Beside each goal, rate where you are at. Be really honest with yourself here. How are you going to start to achieve these goals? Can you actually change something you know is no longer working out for you?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there are many expert health professionals who can help you feel clearer and more aligned. Another person can help you to see what you are unable to see and that can be actually life changing.

Achieving my goals:

There is a certain magic about the start of a new year. with it comes is the promise to ourselves that we can be better, that we can renew our lives and starting new hobbies, exercise habits, eating habits etc. I can clearly remember that my New Year’s resolution in 2008 involved some big changes. Such as moving overseas, quitting a well established banking and IT career, learning a new language and moving into a new more fulfilling career in health care.
Looking back on it all, I feel amazed that over the past 7 years all the boxes got ticked off. I did have to overcome some huge internal fears though, I did have to ask for support, and had to tell myself that it was all possible finding ways to be calm during chaotic times. I did have to take care of myself, be gentle with myself, criticise myself less and find my own balance, especially amongst the scary bits, the fears of failure and  all of the unforeseen challenges.

Through my practice I help my clients to get more in touch with themselves, feel good in their own skin, recognise their talents and get to know more of their personalities and their bodies. I use both Remedial Massage and Kinesiology to help to dissolve stresses in the body structure as well as address the original stress causing their muscles to tighten.
Having practised meditation, yoga and dance for over 2 decades, I endeavour to share the wisdom acquired through those mind-body practices of balancing the body and calming the mind.

Kinesiolgy will really help you to:

• Establish priorities and finding time for myself
• Let go of a that old habit you no longer want in your life
• Resolve inner conflicts, in doing so aligning your body and mind
• Slowing down the mind, and de-stressing your life.

Book in for an appointment with me and let me help you towards achieving a happier, healthier you in 2016!

By Camila Goncalves


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