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Our Advice: Top 4 Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

Our Advice: Top 4 Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain                 Have you found yourself in a tricky position after you’ve bent the wrong way lifting your child? Maybe you’re starting to notice a dull pain in your lower back after a run on the soccer field or … Read moreOur Advice: Top 4 Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

Growing Pains, is it normal?

As our children develop there are often issues and pains such as growing pains that can come with it. When children are as early as 3-4 they can begin to start. However, growing pains are predominantly most common in our children’s adolescent years. These pains feel like an achy or cramping in the body. Most … Read moreGrowing Pains, is it normal?

Tension Headaches and Chiropractic

Tension headaches are one of the leading types of headaches. We are still unsure of a direct cause for this particular headache. However, there are some factors that we have seen to contribute to this condition.  Some of which include; poor sleep, sinus problems, stress, dehydration, and poor posture. We understand how symptoms of tension … Read moreTension Headaches and Chiropractic

Poor Sleep- Tips and Tricks

Have you been having poor sleep? Did you know having poor sleeping patterns or not getting a proper sleep can seriously effect your health? It has the ability to effect your mood, concentration and your memory. This has the potentially to really effect your life. Sleep deprivation can impair you in many ways. Here at … Read morePoor Sleep- Tips and Tricks

Scoliosis Screenings with Back to Basics Chiropractic

This week we headed to one of the local schools in the St George area to conduct free scoliosis screenings. Dr Natalie Legge, one of our chiropractor headed to Danebank a school for girls to conduct scoliosis screenings. Scoliosis is found in 3-5% of the adolescent population, it is a curvature in the spine. Which, … Read moreScoliosis Screenings with Back to Basics Chiropractic

Beating Fatigue: Wake Up with a Buzz of Energy X!

With our busy schedules, fatigue becomes a prominent part at some point of our lives. A lack of energy can affect our lifestyle and everyday activities. It may even stop us from seizing the day! Feeling constantly tired, lethargic or lacking energy are often signs of an underlying problem such as insomnia, poor nutrition, stress … Read moreBeating Fatigue: Wake Up with a Buzz of Energy X!

Keep your spine healthy this festive season!

With the festive season fast approaching, it is a time for celebration, relaxation and letting your hair down. Unfortunately this period can also take a toll on our bodies in some cases effecting our spine and nervous system. This could be the result of indulging in a little too much alcohol, lugging around those heavy … Read moreKeep your spine healthy this festive season!

3 fantastic ways to find a more balanced you in 2016!

It’s that time of the year where we find ourselves rushing around to get everything done, buying presents, getting celebrations organised and setting in place some resolutions for the new year. Sometimes I think to myself: “Is the planet earth spinning faster than before?” Can anyone actually complete everything they need to do in 24 hours. Besides … Read more3 fantastic ways to find a more balanced you in 2016!

Pins and needles in the hands!

Pins and needles are quite common and most of us would have experienced them at some point. But when they start to occur regularly it can disrupt our daily lives, in particular pins and needles of the hands. Pins and needles of the hands can occur for a range of reasons with some cases developing … Read morePins and needles in the hands!

Dr Chris Agius receives teaching excellence award!

We are thrilled to announce our very own Sydney chiropractor, Dr Chris Agius, has been honoured with the Chiropractic Association of Australia (NSW) award for Teaching and Learning 2015. On top of practising full time in the Back to Basics Clinics, Chris also co-convenes the chiropractic skills subject for the 1st year Masters of Chiropractic … Read moreDr Chris Agius receives teaching excellence award!

It’s not a lemon!

Recently we’ve discovered a young girl doing extraordinary things. At the tender age of 11 Juliette has created a lemonade stand to raise money for research into Motor Neurone Disease. This is a cause that is very close to our hearts and we simply had share with you Juliette’s story as told by her mother. … Read moreIt’s not a lemon!

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