New Year New Pillow!!

new year new pillow

Have you been tossing and turning while you sleep? Or maybe you have had the same pillow for over 5 years??

Maybe its time to get a new pillow!! A poor-quality pillow can often lead to headaches/ migraines, neck pain, pins and needles, numbness, or pain in the arms and or fingers or grinding numbness on movement. So, it is highly recommended to invest in a good quality pillow.

How can you pick the right pillow for you??

The main aim of a pillow is to provide support for your head and neck while you sleep.

When choosing a pillow, you need one that is not too high or too low and should choose one that keeps your spine aligned. Here is a general rule for choosing a pillow based on height and weight.


We have a fantastic range for normal to small, framed individuals. When choosing the right pillow, you should consider what material you like and how high or low you like your pillow. The common material used for our pillow range includes Memory foam (best seller), Latex, Traditional Foam, and Egg foam.

For normal framed individuals, the Complete sleeprr memory foam is highly recommended. It has removable inserts and noodles to help reduce the height of the pillow. For people who prefer a more supportive pillow the Naturelle medium or the Family Pillow Medium (egg foam) is great. For smaller framed individuals we recommend the Naturelle Latex low or the Family Pillow Junior.


For larger framed individuals it is recommended to choose a pillow that is higher and more supportive (firmer). This is to ensure your spine is aligned and you are not ‘crushing’ your shoulder while you sleep. Having a firmer pillow as a back sleeper also provides better neck support while you sleep.

Some of the best pillows we have for larger framed or heavier people include the Complete Sleeprr plus (a firm Memory foam pillow). Another pillow we sell that is highly recommended is the Naturelle Latex high pillow. This pillow is a bit more supportive (firmer) than memory foam as it does not provide that sinking feeling of a memory foam pillow. Both of these pillows are great for side and back sleepers as they are contoured.

Overheat in the night? Why not use our cooling MemoGel Cooling Gel Range. We have two different shapes. The cooling gel curve is a contoured pillow. The classic has no contour for those who prefer a flatter shape. Both these pillows are a lot firmer than the Complete Sleeprr Memory Foam Gel pillow thus providing more support and while also reducing heat during the night.

If you would like to know more about our pillows are would like some more advice on choosing the right pillow for you please email us or call 9588 7000.

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