How to pick the right pillow for your child?

children's pillow

Picking a pillow for your child can be a challenge with many questions including what density, height, and design to choose from. Another important factor to consider is the age of your child as some pillows are catered for children 3-4 and others from 8 and over.

Observe how your child sleeps, do they sleep on their back, or side? The main aim of the pillow is to keep an even distribution of weight between the child’s head and neck. Check the gap between your child’s shoulder blade their neck and also factor in how far your child’s shoulder sinks into the mattress. By calculating the space between the base of the neck and the shoulders that should be the ideal height of the pillow for your child. The main aim of the pillow is to encourage the natural alignment of the spine during sleep.

How old should my child be for their first pillow?

We recommend getting a pillow for your child when they are around 2. When you feel its right to move them from a cot to a bed that is when we recommend introducing them to a pillow.

Factors to consider when choosing a pillow?

We recommend choosing a pillow that is low and firm. Remember to look at the material the pillow is made out of. Popular foam choices include memory foam, traditional foam, egg foam or latex. We recommend choosing a contoured pillow as this cradles their head and supports their neck while they sleep.

Chiroshopping sells a range of children’s pillows for children 3 and up.

We sell the

We also sell a sleepaway pillow in traditional and memory foam. The size is great for children 3 and up. Even though it is advertised as a travel pillow due to its compact size the height and shape is great for toddlers.



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