Magnesium- What it can do for you!

magnesium-supplementHave you been taking over the counter magnesium supplements and find they aren’t doing a thing? Or perhaps you’ve heard of people having adverse reactions to magnesium supplements such as diarrhoea or stomach pain and discomfort. Magnesium is so important as it is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, helps your cells make energy, and keeps your heart rhythm steady. Pretty much all of us can benefit from taking a magnesium supplement. However not all magnesium supplements are created equal.
We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but many over the counter magnesium supplements are basically useless. They often contain little to no active ingredients or their chemical structure is not made in order to promote absorption by the body (hence the diarrhoea). The good news is, we only stock products which work! Metagenics is a leading natural health company and all of their products undergo rigorous scientific testing to ensure they achieve results. They have formulated a highly absorbable magnesium known as MetaMag, which is used in a number of their products. The benefits of magnesium supplementation include: Blood pressure support; stress management; cardiovascular support; blood sugar levels; relief from muscle pain and cramps; relief from physical fatigue; nervous system support; increased energy.
To find out which magnesium product best suits you, ask your practitioner next time you are in the clinic or give us a call. We also have samples available for you to try!

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