Strength Training- It’s Important

Strength training is a crucial part of exercise. By incorporating strength training and cardio you are improving your bodies muscle endurance and capability.

Strength Training-It's Important

This training style assists your body in gaining tone and fitness. This helps to body prepare for mechanical strains and stress that routine tasks can place on the body.

Strength training uses resistance to generate contractions in the muscle. Helping to develop muscle gain and strength in your body.

This training technique has the ability to help manage strains and pains such as back pain. Small things such as poor abdominal strength can cause a proneness for back pain.

By incorporating this exercise style into your routine your bodies overall performance of daily task will also improve.

Benefits of Strength Training:

  • Muscle Mass Gain
  • Weight Control
  • Mood Improvements
  • Protecting Bone Health
  • Management Over Chronic Conditions
  • Stabilising The Spine
  • Minimise Chances of Further Injury

There are different types of strength training such as free weights, resistance and weight machines.

Although there can be mass improvements to your health with strength training, we recommend starting slowly if you are new to it. It is also important to have recovery time for your muscles. This is why we recommend alternate days for muscle groups.

We also advise to listen to your muscles. Some soreness in the muscles is normal, however sharp pain and swollen or sore joints is not. Here at Back to Basics we recommend consulting your practitioner prior to any changes in your exercise regime. Also to make sure pained areas will not be further aggravated by any training.

We do not encourage sudden changes that will irritate problem areas. However we do recommend slow and steady changes that will build the strength in muscles. If you need any advice on exercises we advise talking to your practitioner.



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