Omega 3, Are You Getting Enough In Your Diet Today?

Where can we find omega 3?

Due to its great benefits omega 3 is now being added to a lot of products. However, it is found naturally in oily fish (such as salmon and tuna) and certain types of vegetables, oils, nuts and seeds.

Why are omega 3 fats important?

Omega 3 fats are extremely important in the maintenance of our overall health. Our bodies cannot produce omega 3, therefore it needs to be obtained from food or supplement sources. It is of ever greater importance to sufferers of arthritis, as it acts to reduce joint inflammation. Studies have shown it is effective in reducing joint pain and stiffness. It has also been shown that fish oils can reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack.Omega 3-fish-oil-suppliments-back-to-basics-chiropractic

What conditions can benefit from taking an omega 3 supplement?

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • spondylitis
  • psoriatic arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • lupus

What kind of supplements are available?

Omega 3 supplements are made in the form of fish oil liquid and fish oil capsules. Not all products are equally effective. When searching for a good fish oil it is important to look at the amount of omega 3 in the product, some products contain much less than others and would require you to take an excessive dose to achieve any benefits. The recommended daily dose of Omega 3 is 500mg. It is also important to check for evidence of the purity of the oil, to ensure that it doesn’t have any harmful contaminants such as mercury. The best manufacturers will advertise that they have had third party testing to make sure their oils are pure, if the bottle doesn’t declare any purity testing, then it is best avoided.

Here at Back to Basics we offer supplements such as Metapure EPA/DHA and Metapure Enteric that contain this essential. It is important to talk to one of our practitioners prior to purchasing these products.

Is fish oil the same as krill oil?

No, it is not. Both fish oil and krill oil contain omega 3. However there is not as much evidence to show the effectiveness of krill oil in reducing inflammation. Fish oil is backed by many years of scientific research.

What are psychological benefits of omega 3?

Reports show that omega 3 fatty acids can have an influence on the nervous system and improve memory related learning and cognitive development. A 35 day trial tracked that omega 3 supplements reduced the effects of anger in participants, and improved anxiety, and depression states.

How does omega 3 influenced heart health?

Australia’s Heart Foundation recommend that people should attempt to consume 2-3 serves of fish per week. This is due to omega 3 assisting with overall heart health. Omega 3 has also been associated to reducing the risks of heart diseases. However the Heart Foundation also highlights that it can be a struggle to include this amount of fish, and seafood into their diets. The Heart Foundation recommend that if omega 3 supplementation, such as fish oil can be beneficial in order to have enough omega 3 in your system if you can not include enough into your diet.

Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we offer a range of healthcare services, and products that can assist with omega 3 level concerns. Find out more about the benefits of omega 3 today, call one of our clinics, or book online now.


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