Back Exercises – Simple Steps to strengthen your back the right way!

Day to day our backs endure a lot. From simple tasks to keeping our bodies upright with proper posture, to lifting heavy objects or even more complex things depending on our occupations. If our back muscles are weak we become much more susceptible to back pain and even injury, however simple back exercises may minimise that risk.

What many people don’t realise is that even when we are sitting down and resting, the muscles of the spine are still actively working to hold your body upright against gravity. Even those people who appear healthy and exercise regularly can benefit from a basic back exercise program which targets the major muscle groups of the back.

It is important to combine any strengthening program with a gentle stretch program to get the most benefit and improve mobility.

How can we help with your back exercises?

Our team of chiropractors have put together 5 basic exercises that anyone can do anywhere. These exercises are safe and simple enough to be performed by all ages.

1. Plank: 

Lift up so you are holding your body straight and balancing on your knees and elbows.

2.Side Bridge:

Lying on side with legs one in front of the other.

Rise slowly onto your elbow and lift torso so that you are supported from your arm and your knees.  You can rest hand on ground for support.

3. Lower Back Bridge: 

Lie on floor with knees bent, slowly raise your buttocks and back off the floor (shoulders stay flat) until your torso is in line with your knees.

4. Super Man: 

Kneel on all fours and stretch out opposite arm and leg so they are in line with your body. Keep controlled and slow; try not to move your bodyas you return to centre and shift to opposite arm and leg.

5. Chest Raise: 

Lift your upper body up from the ground without using your hands.

Back exercises: Plank







Back exercises: Side Bridge
2.Side Bridge






Back exercises: Lower-back bridge exercise
3.Lower Back Bridge










Back exercises:  Superman
4. Superman







Back exercises: Chest Raise
5. Chest Raise


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