Is My Child’s Unusual Walking Normal?

Is My Child’s Unusual Walking Normal? Will They Grow Out of It? Does your child lack balance when they walk? Or perhaps, you’ve noticed they’re toes point unusually? Recognising these signs as a parent can be worrying. Although most kids grow out of gait abnormalities, it is always important to be well-informed, and even have a chiropractor assess the issue, to determine if there is any cause for concern.

Gait abnormalities may stem from a range of issues, including physical deformity, spinal misalignment, and injuries. Symptoms typically manifest as poor balance and discomfort whilst walking. The main types of abnormal walks prevalent in children include:

  • Tip Toeing – Toe walking is common amongst young children who are beginning to walk, and usually self-resolves. However, it is always safe to have your child evaluated to ensure the cause of their gait is nothing sinister!
  • Pigeon Toeing – When the toes point inward. Children may grow out of in-toeing as their bones continue to develop. However, in severe cases of pain, corrective shoes or treatment is recommended
  • Knock Knees – This is when the legs curve inwards, in which the knees are close together, but the ankles do not touch. This may manifest as a limp or poor balance whilst walking. Fortunately, knock knees typically resolve between the ages of 5 and 7, and cause minimal pain and discomfort. However, if the issue persists, please seek specialist advice.
  • Curly Toe – This is when the toe curls downward, typically due to a deformity in the tendons or bone structure. If not addressed, the joints may tighten, causing standing, balancing, and walking to be painful. Taping the toes straight may alleviate discomfort, however, the issue may require treatment.

Is My Child’s Unusual Walking Normal? So you’ve noticed your child walks funny? How can a chiropractor help? The majority of kids grow out of gait abnormalities without medical treatment. However, chiropractic treatment can assist with joint and muscle strength, spinal alignment, and mobility to improve your child’s posture and gait. Our chiropractors can also develop comprehensive exercise plans to correct your child’s walk.

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