ACA Working From Home With Proper Posture (Video)

As we adjust to the unfolding impacts of COVID-19, many of us Australians have suddenly found ourselves working from home indefinitely. This significant change will impact work schedules, work space and places more emphasis on workers using technology more frequently and on many diverse platforms. The Australian Chiropractors Association understand how these new changes can impact spinal health and is why they are committed to continuously educate the public on proper posture and maintaining their spinal health.

The following video below highlights ergonomic considerations or setting up a work space at home, which include:

  • Setting up a designated work space;
  • Using an office chair that supports your spine; and
  • Using a separate keyboard and mouse to allow a computer to be at eye level.

To help build positive spinal health habits as we adapt to a new working environment, we encourage you to take frequent breaks to stretch your spine, in addition to staying active, maintaining a routine and finding time to detox from technology at the end of each workday.

ACA Working From Home    ACA Working From Home

More information can be found here or if you’d like further information on proper ergonomic set ups when working from home, have a look at our article ‘Proper Ergonomic When Working From Home‘, and if you’d like further information or a personal plan with one of our practitioners, feel free to call us on (02) 9588 7000 or book online.

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