12 Reasons Why We Need Water

reasons why we need waterThere are an abundant amount of reasons why we need water. One of the main being it’s the core of our life resource as it makes up about 50-80% of our lean body mass. As well as helping to maintain the balance of essential minerals, our bodies needs adequate water to help with its everyday function such as flushing out waste from the body, regulating body temperature and helping our brains function.

We’ve created a list below to help you further understand why drinking water is crucial to our diet and health.

12 Other Reasons Why We Need Water:

1. It Prevents Overall Dehydration
2. It Helps Create Saliva
3. It Protects Your Tissues, Spinal Cord and Joints
4. It Helps You Lose Weight
5. It Helps Prevent Constipation
6. It Aids In Digestion
7. It Improves Blood Oxygen Circulation
8. It Helps Fights of Illnesses
9. It Helps Boost Energy and Mood
10. It Helps Keep Skin Bright
11. It Aids In Cognitive Function
12. It Helps With Nutrient Absorption

How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day?

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, general water intake (from all beverages and foods) that meet most people’s needs are:

About 15.5 cups of water or over 3L each day for men
– About 11.5 cups or over 2.5L daily for women

We get about 20 percent of our daily water intake from food, whilst the rest comes from drinking water and water-based beverages.

How can I drink more water?

We are always being told to drink more water! It is vital for our bodies to be well hydrated to function well, though it can be a struggle to chug down those recommended daily amounts.

Here are some simple tips to improve your water consumption.

  • Keep your water bottle nearby: You know what they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” This may seem like an obvious suggestion but keeping your water conveniently by your side or at your desk will keep you drinking throughout the day.
  • Use a marked water bottle: Set achievable goals for water consumption by marking your water bottle. This way you can track just how much water you have had through the day.
  • Include some fresh flavours: If you are seeking a little more from your drink, you can add some lemon or muddled herbs to add flavour.
  • Add a little sparkle: Sparkling or carbonated water is a good alternative as well if you want to have a more interesting drink.

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