Desk Stretches with Back to Basics Chiropractic

Working at a desk can be a real pain in the back, which is why here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we have some simple and easy desk stretches, that you can do while at work. We understand that sitting at work can have a negative impact on our health. Not only does it impact our quality of life but also our bodies.Desk Stretches

Negatives Impacts of Sitting at a Desk:

Areas that have the ability to be effected from too much sitting…

  • Impacts the ability for blood to move around the body
  • Can cause weakening in the muscles
  • Postural impact
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Has the ability to shorten your life span
  • Weight gain
  • Impact on your back, neck and spine if you’re not careful

Things that can minimise these detriments to our health are ergonomic chairs, taking a break from sitting and desk stretches. Here are a few stretches that we recommend to get your muscles moving.

Desk Stretches:

Exercise One:

Whist sitting in the chair turn you head so your nose is going to be pointing towards your armpit. Be gentle and pull your head forward slowly and not too far with your hand. You should feel this stretch through the back of the neck and to the shoulder blade. If you’re wanting an even deeper stretch we recommend holding underneath your chair with the opposite hand. Repeat 3x on each side for 10 to 15 sec each.

Exercise Two:

Similar to the previous stretch, except in this one you lightly pull your head towards your shoulder with your head facing forward. Your whole body should be facing straight forward.Repeat 3x on each side for 10 to 15 sec each.

Exercise Three:

Shoulder rotations are great for increasing blood flow and getting muscle movement. It’s a simple and easy exercise that can help to get you moving.

To ask about stretches you can do, we recommend talking to one of our practitioners (020 9588 7000 or simply book online to see them in one of our three locations.

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