Bed Bases- We have got you covered

Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we have recently added a range of therapeutic mattresses to our Chiroshopping range, meaning we have the perfect bed bases for you. Did you know that we spend over a 3rd of our lives sleeping? Which is why we know how crucial it is to have a supportive bed bases.

Facts with Bed Bases:

  • New mattresses have been shown to positively effect sleep quality by 62%
  • This also comes with the potential to reduce issues such as back pain by 55.3%
  • All of which have the ability to occur in a 4 week period of time
  • Back Pain is more likely to occur in those sleeping on old, cheap mattresses.
  • A therapeutic mattress has the ability to impact your life in 3 separate areas Sleep, Recovery and Treatment

We have introduced Bonnell Mattresses to our collection of therapeutic products. There are two mattresses one being the Lumbar Support and the other the Perfect Posture. Both bed bases come in a range of sizes to fit into your bed frame.

The Lumbar Support Mattress:

  • The Lumbar Support Mattress has a Medium to Firm density
  • Containing a pocket spring system that has three zones & stronger support in the lumbar zone
  • Due to the spring system there is less chances of partner disturbance

The Perfect Posture Mattress:

  • More support for the individual and less partner disturbance from stability
  • Medium density
  • Containing a pocket spring system that has three zones
  • Miniature pocket sprints within the euro topper
  • Lower back has an extra support

To find out more about our new range of bed bases please feel free to talk to our friendly reception staff. There are also venues to try out the mattresses. Feel free to contact us on (02) 9588 7000 to find out more.

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