Fight Your Cold & Flu This Winter Season

Tips and tricks this winter to fight your cold & flu, from our Naturopath Diana Robson to beat this prime cold and flu season.Fight Your Cold & Flu

Winter Wellness- Here are some of the best ways to fight the winter blues!


Fight Your Cold & Flu: 6 Simple Steps to Boost Your Immunity:

The change of season and the cooler weather makes us much more prone to catching the newest bug going around.  You can to lay the foundations for a flu and cold-free winter season with these simple steps. They’ll help you to support your body’s natural defences this winter:


  • Eat a whole food diet including plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Include immune boosting foods such as garlic, onions, turmeric, and ginger.
  • Reduce sugary and processed foods – researchers have discovered that sugar blocks the ability of our white blood cells to fight off viruses.
  • Incorporate probiotics – up to 70 % of your immune system lies in the gastrointestinal tract, probiotics can help in a number of ways , supporting natural immune barriers and increasing the activity of white blood cells.
  • Get enough Sleep! Sleep rejuvenates and rebuilds all systems including the immune system.
  • Exercise daily to stay fit and don’t drink excessive alcohol or smoke as these reduce immunity.
  • Manage stress – the stress hormone cortisol suppresses our immunity.

To find out more about tips and trick to fight your cold & flu this winter book in with our Naturopath Diana now. She knows all about the right supplements and measures that you should take to avoid getting sick this winter.


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