Pins and needles in the hands!


Pins and needles are quite common and most of us would have experienced them at some point. But when they start to occur regularly it can disrupt our daily lives, in particular pins and needles of the hands. Pins and needles of the hands can occur for a range of reasons with some cases developing after experiencing trauma, while others develop over time.
Increased pressure or impingement of the nerves leading to the hand is the primary cause of pins and needles. This can occur through overuse of muscles which tighten and shorten due to things such as poor posture or repetitive movements, such as typing or exercise. There can also be more serious underlying causes.
As there is not one single explanation as to what is causing your pins and needles, it is important to see a health professional to help diagnose and treat this condition. Chiropractors are highly trained at pin pointing the cause of your pins and needles and implementing effective treatment options to help you beat this problem.
If you are experiencing pins and needles of the hand, or in any part of the body, book an appointment with your chiropractor today so they can get you back to your best self.

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