Neck Pain

Spring Cleaning Pain- Watch out!!

Spring cleaning is always great to start fresh and give you the intensive you need to clean. However, it does have the ability to lead to strains, aches and pains on the body. Spring cleaning pain is one thing that can easily be avoided.  Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we see so many patients coming … Read more Spring Cleaning Pain- Watch out!!

Tension Headaches and Chiropractic

Tension headaches are one of the leading types of headaches. We are still unsure of a direct cause for this particular headache. However, there are some factors that we have seen to contribute to this condition.  Some of which include; poor sleep, sinus problems, stress, dehydration, and poor posture. We understand how symptoms of tension … Read more Tension Headaches and Chiropractic

Warm Up This Winter with a Remedial Massage

As the icy weather of winter starts to settle in, lazing around and staying indoors with a cup of coffee becomes a creature comfort. Whilst others prefer increasing levels of activity through exercise due to it’s ability to help blood flow during the colder months. With dropping temperatures, the body becomes stiff and may cause … Read more Warm Up This Winter with a Remedial Massage

Text Neck-Have you got it?

Text Neck is a contemporary term for the classic health condition of Forward Head Posture. This develops due to too much time spent holding the head in a forward position relative to the shoulders. Over recent years texting has developed a negative stigma for driver distraction. However a less known side-effect of constant texting and … Read more Text Neck-Have you got it?

Pins and needles in the hands!

Pins and needles are quite common and most of us would have experienced them at some point. But when they start to occur regularly it can disrupt our daily lives, in particular pins and needles of the hands. Pins and needles of the hands can occur for a range of reasons with some cases developing … Read more Pins and needles in the hands!

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