Text Neck-Have you got it?

Text Neck is a contemporary term for the classic health condition of Forward Head Posture. This develops due to too much time spent holding the head in a forward position relative to the shoulders.

Text Neck

Over recent years texting has developed a negative stigma for driver distraction. However a less known side-effect of constant texting and general device use is the potential harm actually have on your health, resulting in health conditions such as Text Neck.

Using devices, such as mobile phones, has been linked with poor posture. The daily tasks we conduct on our mobile phones encourage people to slouch, roll our shoulders forward with a forward head carriage. This poor posture creates excess stress and weight on the spine and connecting muscles.

This frequent positioning leads to spinal change, affecting supporting tendons and ligaments. Common symptoms associated with the health issue of Text Neck include; neck pain or tension, shoulder pain or tension, and headaches.

How can you reduce these risks?

Start by positioning your phone at eye level as much as possible, avoid extended time spend on technology. Although this seem a challenge you will have will now have more time to spend doing things that are more important, allowing you to seize the day.

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