Remedial Massage, could it be the answer to your headaches?

A very common pattern we see in most of our massage and chiropractic patients at Back to Basics is headaches and neck pain. Headaches range in type and severity, presenting in different levels of pain to each person. Some forms of headaches are a sign that your body maybe out of balance. This can lead to muscles, such as the one the ones in your neck to spasm. In our clinics our massage therapists aim to reduce this muscle tightness and spasms. We offer a range of massage techniques, which our massage therapist apply to their patients. remedial massage relief

How does Remedial Massage help relieve headaches?

Headaches provoked by tight muscles in the neck and back can be worked on by your Massage Therapist. Remedial Massage assists in releasing these tight muscles in the back and front of the neck. It can also affect your shoulders and upper back. Aiding in the relief of migraines and headaches. These conditions are usually brought on from  specific muscle tightness in these key areas.

Here at Back to Basics are Massage Therapists all specialise in remedial massage.

What is Remedial Massage, and how does it compare to Relaxation Massage?

Remedial Massage assists in managing pain, injury and rehabilitation. This specific type of massage has a variety of manual therapy techniques that can be implemented to during treatments. These can include deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular facilitation and direct and indirect myofascial techniques.

Remedial massage involves a deeper massage to relaxation massage. It aims at targeting problem areas and tight muscles to assist in relief. However Remedial Massage can be blended with relaxation techniques to help superficial muscles soften. This then allows for our massage therapist to work on deeper muscles.

All of our Back to Basics Massage Therapists have undergone special training.

How can you book in with a massage therapist?

All our clinics have Massage Therapists available. Book now on our website, or we recommend contacting our friendly reception staff for an appointment.

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