How to use a spikey ball?

Spikey Balls are great to loosen knots and target trigger points. They are known to help reduce muscle pain, improve blood flow and is a great device to aid rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Spikey balls are evil torture devices however they have become very popular in performing self-therapy in painful areas. They are great in maintaining flexibility, ease muscle tension and optimise performance.

How to use a spikey massage ball

Massage balls a super easy to use. One way of using it, is laying it on the ground and sitting or lying on top of the ball to apply pressure. This is recommended if you want to apply a lot of pressure on a certain area i.e. your back as you are using a lot of your body weight. If you find this too painful you place the ball against the wall as it is easier to control the amount of pressure.

Here are some spikey ball exercises you can try at home or the gym                                                                                     

Upper Back



While standing place the spikey ball in between your shoulder and the wall. Using your body weight apply pressure and roll up and down to target tight knots.





While lying down, bend your knees and ensure your feet are flat on the ground. Place the spikey ball under your glutes (bottom) and gently roll the ball around until you find a tight muscle. To apply more pressure, let the knee on the affected side slowly drop out to the side.

Sole of the foot


Place the spikey ball on the ground. Using your foot roll the ball from your heel to your toes. Use your body weight to adjust pressure. This spikey ball is great for those who are always on their feet. Doing this regularly will reduce feet pain.

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