Cracking your back! Is it actually good for you?

It is very common to crack your back, neck, fingers, toes, and knuckles. But why do we do it? There are many people who crack themselves to relieve tightness and others do it out of habit. But is it beneficial?

Cracking your joints can give you temporary relief however doing it frequently, incorrectly, or too forcefully can cause more pain prior to cracking.

So why do many of us crack too frequently? Many people who crack themselves because there is tightness near a certain joint however it only gives them temporary relief as they have not cracked the correct joint. They usually feel like they need to crack it again because the actual issue was not addressed. By trying to crack the same area the same way results in you re-cracking your healthy joints.

The risks of cracking yourself incorrectly

  • Cracking your neck may pinch a nerve. Pinching a nerve can cause extreme pain making it difficult to move your neck.
  • Hypermobility is when you can move some or all your joints more than the average person. Hypermobility is not necessarily a bad thing however people who do have it may be prone to dislocation and injury. It can also cause joint instability and damaged ligaments since they’re not able to support and hold the joint in the correct position.

Should I seek chiropractic care?

If you crack yourself often but you don’t have constant back pain or discomfort you may not need to see a chiropractor.

But if you do crack yourself frequently and never seem satisfied you may consider a chiropractor to get your spine realigned. By seeking a chiropractor, they can provide you with the right adjustment specific to your issue.

Although cracking may sound really good and provide relief, regular exercise or losing weight can help minimise pressure and pain. Chiropractors may also provide tips on how to treat your pain at home using heat or cold treatment to reduce pain or swelling.

To find a chiropractor ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist or a quick search on google can assist in finding a good chiropractor near you.

If you have private health insurance it may cover part of the treatment, if you are unsure how much they cover you can talk to your insurance or see a chiropractic clinic to receive a quote.

Overall cracking yourself is alright as long as you do it safely. If you do suffer from pain after cracking yourself please seek medical help.

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