Meta Zinc and Vitamin C- What are the benefits?

Are you looking for a way to stop your cold and flu in its tracks, we are here to help you with Metagenics Meta Zinc and Vitamin C.

Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we stock a range of practitioner grade supplements. These are beneficial for our patients. Meta Zinc and Vitamin C
Our Meta Zinc and Vitamin C powder is great in assisting with the defense & speeding up the recovery process of a cold. It also has the ability to assist with zinc deficiency and has benefits with cognitive learning for children.

This particular formula of Zinc bisglyinate makes it easy for the body to absorb. With minimal side effects, which can be experience by other brands.

This product is high strength with a delicious flavour of Orange & can even be taken by children.

Free from nuts and seeds, lactose and gluten free full of minerals including activated B6. It is also free from animal products, any dairy protein, eggs, yeast, wheat, soy protein and salt. This product does not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

We do not recommend that this is taken by children that are under the age of two without seeking medical advice prior.

If you are curious about this product or are interested in more of our high grade supplements please do not hesitate to ask. We welcome you to talk to our friendly reception staff or your practitioner today. Our practitioners can be reach either via email [email protected] or on (02) 9588 7000.

We have a vast range in products that are highly beneficial to our patients. All of our friendly staff are more than happy to help you find the right one.

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