Our Advice: Top 4 Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

Our Advice: Top 4 Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

Manage Lower Back Pain

Have you found yourself in a tricky position after you’ve bent the wrong way lifting your child? Maybe you’re starting to notice a dull pain in your lower back after a run on the soccer field or you have a chronic condition like arthritis. It can be hard to manage lower back pain, especially during the cold winter months when muscles and joint pains can heighten, which is why we have a few tips we believe can help manage your pain symptoms.

Keep it Chill

Ice is the best method of care to do within the first 24 hours after an injury as it can reduce inflammation in the affected area. Using an icepack wrapped in a damp towel may feel a little shocking at first, but it can help ease your pain. We recommend placing the ice pack on the injured area for 15 minutes with a 30 minute break and repeating this to give your skin a break. To know more about when to use an ice pack click here.

Book yourself in to see one of our Chiropractors today

While initially using an ice pack is good for reducing the swelling and pain, understanding the cause and the full extent of the problem will give longer lasting results. This is why it’s important to come in an see one of our Chiropractors as soon as possible after the injury. They will be able to help you tackle your issue at the root of the pain source. Our Chiropractors will be able to assess your injury causes and treatment schedule tailored to your needs. With a professional’s help you’ll be feeling better and be able to continue onwards in your day to day life.

Don’t be afraid to keep moving!

We know that with pain, sometimes we don’t feel like continuing onwards in our day to day routine, but it’s important to keep the body moving during the healing process. Whilst it’s important to not push yourself past your limits when in pain, it’s still OK to keep doing your daily activities. These activities could include making the bed, walking the dog and/or enjoying active time with your family. Once you feel more comfortable with your pain levels, we suggest stepping up your activity level by participating in low impact exercises (such as swimming, biking and walking to stay mobile. This doesn’t mean overdoing it straight away, be patient and take it easy; There’s no need to run a marathon when you’re feeling sore.

Metagenics: Inflavonoid Sustain Care for chronic pain and Inflavonoid Intensive Care for acute pain

If you’re after a health supplement to help ease your chronic and acute pain, we recommend Metagenic’s Inflavonoid Sustain Care for any chronic pain needs and Inflavonoid Intensive Care to target acute pain. If you participate in high impact sports and have developed a painful feeling somewhere in your body due to strenuous activities, Inflavonoid Intensive Care can help with instant pain relief by targeting the affected areas. For arthritis and chronic pain sufferers, we recommend the Inflavonoid Sustain Care to help ease pain that consistently lingers in your body. The best part is that both products come in easy to swallow capsules and are made from all natural ingredients.

If you have any further questions on how to manage your lower back pain, book yourself in today with one of our practitioners and they’ll be able to help your needs. 

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