Kinesiology- Kick start your New Year right

Bring the body back into balance and release the stress of 2017 with the help of Kinesiology in Kogarah.  Releasing tension also clears the mind. This will help you to develop the necessary qualities that will bring you closer to your new personal, health and career goals for the year to come.Kinesiology in Kogarah

There is more to setting goals for the New Year’s. The festive season can be quite overwhelming, however we have the ability to turn this into opportunity.

Life demands a lot from us. We are always expected to be “on the go”. This creates a struggle to dedicate necessary time to pause, evaluate and plan the directions that we wish our lives to go. Generating layers of not only mental stress but also muscular tension and pain.

Kinesiology is a way to get in touch with the neuro-feedback in our bodies to regulate the nervous system. It also balances the hormones and organs in our bodies. Through trigger point therapy, acupressure and meridian therapy. It’s possible to clear persistent stress that we don’t even realise our bodies have been holding.

So to start the New Year fresh we have a specifically designed plan to get you going.  By the end of these 3 unique sessions you are going to feel more relaxed, confident, decrease levels of pain and improve your mood.  You will also know yourself and your body better.

Kinesiology in Kogarah

Session 1 – Release Physical Stress & Body Detox

In this session the body goes through a very thorough assessment of movement, flexibility and strength. This will be a map for the neuro-feedback reset that will be performed in muscles, fascia and tendons that are either weakened or being overused. This has the ability to cause body imbalance. Remedial Massage will also be used to encourage the body to realign.

Through muscles testing we will also find the glands and hormones that need to be recalibrated, as well as the organs that are not functioning optimally.  This helps with back pain, headaches, knee pain. It can also start to solve digestion issues, migraine and other chronic and auto-immune issues.


Session 2 – Energetic cleanse & detox

As the body initiates detoxing and removing old stagnation and improving circulation, it uncovers the underlying energetic causes of the built up stress.

In our sessions we observe the flow of each meridian of energy in the body will be assessed and realigned from end to end.  This can start helping the quality of your sleep, relieving anxiety, improving the mood and energy levels.

Session 3 – Brain-Body Integration

This session is the most important that will tell us how much the body was able to hold the new alignments. We will measure the benefits the body have gained, and how much the neuroplasticity helped your brain to actually change.

You will leave feeling calmer, with greater sense of confidence and clearer mind, with new ideas and an easy-to-follow actionable plan. So you can just hit-the-road and make the most of 2018 as you become healthier and able to achieve more.


Kinesiology in Kogarah

Get a specifically designed package with our team before 31/12/2017 and we’ll offer 1 FREE Remedial Massage.

Each of our sessions is designed to help assess your body in depth and will last 90 min each.

We recommend 1 to 3 weeks between sessions. To book in with us you can book online or over the phone on (02) 9588 7000. Our friendly reception staff are more than happy to help you.


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