How best to treat your injury- RICER

How best to treat your injury…

RICER is a basic injury treatment plan that is thought during first aid to get on top of an injury quickly. We recommend this along with consulting a healthcare professional if injury is more serve or rapidly worsening.

How best to treat your injury

How Best to Treat Your Injury with RICER

R – Rest

When it comes to post injury care it is highly important that you rest the site of injury. It’s best to stay off it as much as possible and to not continue doing anything that particularly causes more strain to the effected area.

I – Ice

Icing the site of injury is beneficial to reduce swelling and pain. Doing 15 minutes of icing and 15 minutes off for about an hour straight after injury occurs. After this you can ice for 15 minutes every 1-3 hours depending on the relief you’re getting. (Remember to wrap the icepack or cooling pack in a towel, do not directly apply to skin.)

C – Compression

Compression is good to reduce swelling to an area, just remember not to wrap the area too tightly.

E – Elevation

Elevating the site of injury is great to help reducing swelling to the area, it also help with blood flow.

R – Referral

It is never a bad idea to get an injury checked up on at a healthcare professional. This is to ensure you haven’t caused too bad of an injury to yourself and also means that you can get a beneficial treatment plan to aid your recovery.

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