Spring Cleaning Pain- Watch out!!

Spring cleaning is always great to start fresh and give you the intensive you need to clean. However, it does have the ability to lead to strains, aches and pains on the body. Spring cleaning pain is one thing that can easily be avoided. Spring Cleaning Pain

Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we see so many patients coming in with problems associated to cleaning and gardening. So here are our tips to avoid it.

Avoid Spring Cleaning Pain:

Get your body ready-

The easiest way to do this is to warm yourself up before starting your cleaning or gardening. We suggest potentially doing a fast paced walk for about 15 minutes just to get the blood flow.

Split up your task-

As tempting as it is to get all your jobs done in one hit our bodies need a little bit more time. Break down your tasks and take breaks to aid your body.

Be mindful-

Areas of our bodies such as backs are prone to strain if tasks and weight are not distributed evenly. We suggest making sure if you’re lifting, dusting, etc. to bend from your knees. Whilst we are on that topic it’s also important when doing tasks on your knees like gardening to protect them. Simply putting a cushion down and kneeling on that can help.

Listen to your body-

Listening to our bodies is very important. If you start to feel any aches whilst completing your tasks have a break. Our bodies naturally tell us when it is time to.

If you do find yourself having any spring cleaning pain talk to your chiropractor. You can booking on (02) 9588 7000 or via our easy online booking system.



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