How core exercises can improve lower back pain?

How can core exercises be beneficial in lower back pain?

A chiropractor answers your questions! 

There are many causes of lower back pain including overuse, muscle strain, and/or injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and discs that support the spine. If you suffer from lower back pain, you may have heard that core exercises can bring some relief. But is this always true?

Core exercises are not just for six-packs and toning that abdomen. By developing strong abdominal muscles can help prevent back pain by encouraging proper spine alignment and also reduce back injuries.

What is your core?

Your core is not just your abdominal muscles it also includes:

  • The rectus abdominus- Front abdominal muscles
  • The internal and external obliques – muscles along the side of your body
  • The transverse abdominal- A deep muscle that wraps around the front
  • The erector spinae and multifidus- muscles in your back that are located between your spine bones and run along your spine.

What is the relationship between core exercises and back pain?

If the muscles in your back are weak, your body will rely on other structures for stability. This includes ligaments (the tissue connected bone to bone) as well as spinal bones or discs which lie between the spinal bones. Resulting in pain. By strengthening the core this will reduce strain on back muscles and decrease injuries.

Should you consult a chiropractor?

It is important to consult a chiropractor or physician if the pain has lasted longer than 1-2 weeks. Your chiropractor can provide a diagnosis and can provide you with the best exercises appropriate for your specific injury.

What exercises are best for core strengthening?

Here are 5 Core stability exercises you can do at home or the gym to improve core strength

 Bird Dog

core exercises for lower back pain








McGill’s Crunch

Side plank on knees

Hip extension

Dead bug

Disclaimer: Please note these exercises are general in nature if you experience any pain while doing these exercises please consult a medical professional.  


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