ICE VS HEAT: What is better for an injury or pain?

ICE VS HEAT What is better for an injury or pain?   Ice packs and heat pads are one of the common treatments used by Chiropractors. But we often have patients using the wrong treatment for their injury or pain. It can often be confusing if you should use ice or heat. We will be … Read more

Spring Cleaning Pain- Watch out!!

Spring cleaning is always great to start fresh and give you the intensive you need to clean. However, it does have the ability to lead to strains, aches and pains on the body. Spring cleaning pain is one thing that can easily be avoided.  Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we see so many patients coming … Read more

Chronic Back Pain- Here’s what you need to know…

As chiropractors, here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we see many conditions come through our door, one of the most common is chronic back pain. Our spines are remarkable, assisting in supporting the body and maintaining structure to it. Which is why it is so important to protect and look after this area.  If pain … Read more

George Magoulias Sports Massage Therapist

George Magoulias Sports Massage Therapist George Magoulias Sports Massage therapist works with a range of big sporting teams! Some of which include Brisbane Roar, Melbourne Storm, Gold Coast Titans, Wellington Phoenix and Victoria Cricket. There’s a lot about George that our patients aren’t always aware of. Did you know… That George is the only massage therapist … Read more

Poorly Fitted Shoes- Why You Should Have Better Footwear

Did you know that the poorly fitted shoes you wear can have a serious impact on your overall health? People often are naive or forget that shoes have a huge impact on your body’s alignment. Wearing the wrong pair can create issues in your pelvis, knees and spine. It can lead to long-term and short-term … Read more

Run pain free with Chiropractic Care

Running is one of the most popular types of exercise in Australia. The reasons for its popularity are simple — it can be done almost anywhere, requires no special equipment, and burns a lot of calories. Running also offers many health benefits such as weight control, decreased blood pressure and cholesterol, and relief from stress. Running really … Read more

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