Stress less this festive season

Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we understand how the busy hustle and bustle of the festive season can be, which is we have a range of suggestions to help you stress less.Stress Less this Christmas

Did you know… It’s been suggested by research that almost 80% of illnesses are related to stress. Or that stress leads to aggravated conditions.

We have seen in our patients how prolonged stress creates tension and contracts muscles. Too much body stress has the ability to affect your health and well being.

It hard to stop stress completely in it’s tracks, however we can suggest some things that may lead to coping and stressing less.

Stress Less with These Tips

Deep Breathes

Mediation and taking a few minutes of time to breathe are really helpful. Try slowing down your breathes and focus by breathing in through your nose and our through your mouth.

Talk about it

This is something that is often neglected. Once you feel stress building up in your life it’s really important to tell someone how you’re feeling.


A little bit of exercise never hurts to get your blow flowing. It creates an outlet for you. Also endorphins are great for improving your mood.

Pamper yourself

Something to look forward to always helps the body to relax as you know there’s a reward at the end for you. A trip away or even a massage never goes astray. You can always book in with one of our massage therapists here.

Finally… It’s never a bad thing to look after yourself especially during the festive season. If you need further tips to stress less why not talk to us or our chiropractors.

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