How can I relieve my neck pain?

Do you wake up with neck pain? Can simple movements like turning your head cause you pain? In most cases a sore neck could be caused by your sleeping position, your pillow or other sleep issues.

Consider your sleep position

Sleeping at an awkward angle for a long period of time can stretch or stress muscles, ligaments and joints beyond normal limitations. One of the worse sleeping positions that can cause neck pain is sleeping on your stomach. When sleeping on your stomach your neck twists on one side for a long period of time. This can cause a sore neck in the morning. Chiropractors highly recommend sleeping on your side or back to reduce neck strain.

neck pain
Young woman sitting on the bed with pain in neck

Your pillow could be the problem

Your pillow could also be causing you neck pain. The main aim of a pillow is to support the neck and keep your spine aligned while sleeping. Having a supportive pillow is very important as you spend 7-8 hours sleeping on it and choosing the right one is key to a healthy, pain-free neck.

As a Chiropractic clinic, we recommend a supportive contoured pillow. One that cradles the head comfortably and supports the neck. Memory foam, latex or egg foam pillows are highly recommended in providing a comfortable sleep. We also sell pillows to check out our range click here.

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Pain from Sudden movement

Sudden movements, like getting up too quickly or rolling over or reacting to a dream can cause strain or sprain in the neck.

Previous injury can cause your neck pain

Previous injuries like whiplash or sports injuries may not always hurt initially. These pre-existing injuries may take hours before pain and stiffness develop. You might go to bed feeling fine but wake up the next morning with a very stiff neck. Consider seeing a chiropractor if you are experiencing ongoing neck pain.

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