Growing Pains, is it normal?

As our children develop there are often issues and pains such as growing pains that can come with it. When children are as early as 3-4 they can begin to start. However, growing pains are predominantly most common in our children’s adolescent years.

growing pains

These pains feel like an achy or cramping in the body. Most common to occur after kids have been active, exercising and doing sport, however there can be other triggers. Excess movement of twists, jolts and usual energetic behavior has the ability to affect nerve control in the lower body.  This can sometimes generate growth pain.

There are many studies which highlight reason that these pains can occur. Some of which include rapid growth in a young body, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, rheumatic conditions, overexertion and more.

Growing Pains and Chiropractic

Here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we can offer assistance. By screening your children and making sure there aren’t any other contributing factors such as scoliosis, which is common to develop in teenage years.

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