Chiropractic Fun Facts – Better Understanding Chiropractic Care

We’ve curated a list of Chiropractic Fun Facts to help you better understand Chiropractic Care and what a Chiropractor can do for you.

Some of these facts even surprised us!

Chiropractic Fun Facts

Check out the List of 13 fun facts below:

1. The term “chiropractic” is a combination of two Grecian words: Cheir which means hand, and Praktos which means done. “Done by Hand”… fitting, right?

2. The first adjustment was given in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer who helped janitor Harvey Lillard, regain his hearing after a back accident he suffered 17 years prior.

3. Have you normalised Chronic pain? Most people often shift pain as a ‘normal’ discomfort and tend to move about their days becoming acclimatised to their pain. Then one day, something might ‘snap’ and the body becomes a wreck! Chiropractic Care isn’t to just help you after you reach a certain pain threshold over a long period of time, but the early stages of pain can be corrected by a chiropractor before the pain becomes chronic.

4. Chiropractic Care isn’t only a great corrective treatment; it can also be great for preventative care. With proper education and regular adjustments, it can be possible to keep future injuries from occurring and improve mobility.

5. Chiropractic care is crucial after a car accident. Whiplash is one of the most common car injuries and is often treated primarily by a Chiropractor.

6. Athletes can benefit from regular Chiropractic sessions. A Chiro can help an athlete increase mobility, prevent future injuries and strengthen the body.

7. When people think about Chiropractors, they might often think of a painful ‘cracking’ sound. But chiropractic treatments are not just all about the crack! Most chiropractic adjustments are a painless process as the force applied to the spine, joints and musculoskeletal system are always controlled and made to be as gentle as possible.

8. Chiropractors aren’t only just the ‘back doctors’ but they can treat more conditions than just back pain. Chiros are trained to know about chronic and acute illnesses, lifestyle choices, ergonomics and can also screen for conditions beyond the musculoskeletal system when necessary. Chiros aim to see your health through the bigger picture and how it impacts your spine health.

9. All Chiropractors are qualified doctors who have studied and trained for at least 5 years in a university degree. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, they then move on to a Masters in Chiropractic.

10. As a doctor, Chiropractors are one of the 14 health professions in Australia that are part of the National Registration Scheme requiring registration with a Chiropractic Board. Here in Australia, all practicing Chiros are registered with the Chiropractors Association of Australia.

11. 14 out of the 16 International Clinical Guidelines for treatment of lower back pain recommend chiropractic care.

12. Chiropractic is Australia’s 8th largest registered Health Profession according to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

13. Infants and Children can benefit greatly from Chiropractic Care. Adjustments are adapted to suit a child’s needs and is perfectly safe and low impact!

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