Why does my back hurt sitting at my desk?

We often get asked why does my back hurt sitting at my desk? Sitting in an office chair or any chair for extended periods may lead to adverse effects on your lower back, neck, shoulders or may even aggravate a preexisting back issue. The reason is that sitting down for a long period of time …

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Proper Keyboard Position for Ergonomic Typing

Maintaining a proper keyboard position for ergonomic typing is an important step, but one we all tend to forget. Without maintaining the correct position, you could cause short and long-term damages to the muscles and joints which run along from your fingers, wrist, up your arms and even into your shoulders. Many computer-related injuries are …

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8 Total Body Stretches To Do At Home

Stretches have great benefits on the body such as improving your mobility, reducing your risk of injury, improving your flexibility and overall, enables your muscles to move effectively. Stretching is so important that it would be beneficial to include it into your everyday life by regularly taking time out to do a quick stretching routine. …

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