Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain- Here’s what you need to know…

As chiropractors, here at Back to Basics Chiropractic we see many conditions come through our door, one of the most common is chronic back pain. Our spines are remarkable, assisting in supporting the body and maintaining structure to it. Which is why it is so important to protect and look after this area.  If pain … Read more

Warm Up This Winter with a Remedial Massage

As the icy weather of winter starts to settle in, lazing around and staying indoors with a cup of coffee becomes a creature comfort. Whilst others prefer increasing levels of activity through exercise due to it’s ability to help blood flow during the colder months. With dropping temperatures, the body becomes stiff and may cause … Read more

George Magoulias Sports Massage Therapist

George Magoulias Sports Massage Therapist George Magoulias Sports Massage therapist works with a range of big sporting teams! Some of which include Brisbane Roar, Melbourne Storm, Gold Coast Titans, Wellington Phoenix and Victoria Cricket. There’s a lot about George that our patients aren’t always aware of. Did you know… That George is the only massage therapist … Read more

Kid’s Spinal Health-Don’t Weigh Your Child Down

With school back in full swing, don’t let your kid’s spinal health suffer. School bags have a tendency to place excess weight on young, developing spines. Incorrectly fitted bags with an excess weight are potentially creating issues for your child’s spinal health. This effects a child’s development as their body frame has not transformed enough to carry … Read more

Strength Training- It’s Important

Strength training is a crucial part of exercise. By incorporating strength training and cardio you are improving your bodies muscle endurance and capability. This training style assists your body in gaining tone and fitness. This helps to body prepare for mechanical strains and stress that routine tasks can place on the body. Strength training uses resistance to … Read more

Sitting for too long? Could it be affecting your health?

Sitting for extended periods of time has a serious impact on your overall health, and even has the potential to shorten life spans. Being seated places undue pressure on the spine in comparison to standing. Recent reports and studies demonstrate that people who sit for extended periods of time or have a sedentary lifestyle (lifestyle … Read more

Text Neck-Have you got it?

Text Neck is a contemporary term for the classic health condition of Forward Head Posture. This develops due to too much time spent holding the head in a forward position relative to the shoulders. Over recent years texting has developed a negative stigma for driver distraction. However a less known side-effect of constant texting and … Read more

Is Cleaning A Pain In The… Back?

Do you find that housework can literally be a pain? Daily household activities such as ironing, washing dishes and vacuuming can lead to serious body discomfort and in particular, back pain. We can offer you preventative measures to protect your body from such discomfort, and reducing the probability of pain from household activities. Regardless if … Read more

Media Release: Spinal care more effective than Paracetamol for back pain & osteoarthritis

The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia supports evidence from the British Medical Journal, which suggests non-pharmacological treatments such as spinal care are safer and more effective than paracetamol for back pain and osteoarthritis. Spokesperson Dr Billy Chow, Chiropractor, said “It is a positive reflection on Australia’s health care system to take notice of this latest research … Read more

Back Exercises – Simple Steps to strengthen your back the right way!

Day to day our backs endure a lot. From simple tasks to keeping our bodies upright with proper posture, to lifting heavy objects or even more complex things depending on our occupations. If our back muscles are weak we become much more susceptible to back pain and even injury, however simple back exercises may minimise … Read more

Pins and Needles – The Facts!

Pins and Needles, or Paresthesia as it is correctly named, is a strange sensation of tingling or prickling which is most commonly felt in the hands and feet. We’ve all experienced it at least once, where a body part has ‘fallen asleep’ after we’ve unknowingly had too much pressure on it and caused the blood … Read more

November Patient Newsletter 2014

Scoliosis and your child Many adult spinal disorders arise from undetected adolescent problems. One of the most debilitating and also most common spinal disorders is scoliosis. Scoliosis is the unnatural lateral curvature of the spine. A mild scoliosis is said it occur in 50% of the population and usually does not require any specific treatment, … Read more

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